Mihaela Sbircea

Advanced Medical Esthetician

Mihaela Sbircea, Advanced Medical Esthetician, has been with the Clinic since 2006 and is a walking encyclopedia of information related to all things about the skin.  Having treated thousands of Clients, you cannot expect to receive anything but wonderful with Mihaela.  When you first experience a treatment with Mihaela, you receive a treatment unlike any other and enter into a world of knowledge and empowerment.  Mihaela is truly passionate about actualizing your best skin and will discuss only the relevant treatments MDSpa offers to compliment your goals.  Mihaela has contributed to our Clinic for years and is a true example of the level of Medical Esthetics that MDSpa stands for.


Mihaela is certified with ThermageCPT and offers this leading-edge technology to those looking to improve skin-tightening and long-lasting youthful appearance.  A complimentary consultation will discuss the Clients' goals and real expectations offered by this leading-edge technology.


From Consultations for skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, removal of unwanted uneven skin pigment, to treatment rooms, Mihaela delivers fabulous skin care treatments at its best. Laser hair removal, outstanding medical facial treatments, microdermabrasions, chemical peels, profractional, laser vein treatments and Intense Pulsed Light Photofacials all make a big difference in Clients appearance and well-being.


Mihaela is a great asset to our Clinic and contributes her finest work and complete full dedication to Clients’ needs.