Frequently Asked Questions about Thermage™

How does it work?

As you age, the collagen in your skin breaks down resulting in wrinkles and sagging skin. Thermage™ uses patented radiofrequency (RF) technology to safely heat the deeper layers of your skin, stimulating existing collagen and promoting new collagen growth for younger looking skin.  Desire to lift face, tighten eyelids or to even skin on tummy is one of the most common reasons for getting Thermage™. Other motivations for undergoing a Thermage™ treatment include boosting self-esteem, avoiding traditional surgery for face lift or blepharoplasty, and correcting the aftermath of childbearing. However, if you need subtle, progressive results Thermage™ is the only procedure to meet the requirement of discrete incremental changes and, so important, no downtime!

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Why does it Work?

How can a skin treatment that does not require lasers, injections or surgery create consistent results that can last for years? The secret is in tightening all layers of the skin (top layer called epidermis, collagen-rich inner layer called dermis and the deepest layer called subcutaneous layer) rather than focusing on only the top layer (called the epidermis) like many other current skin renewal treatments.  The skin is tightened by warming and remodeling the collagen with Capacitive Radiofrequency (CRF) technology that contours the skin creating a smoother tone and more youthful appearance. One of the most compelling reasons for the Thermage™ popularity is its instant-gratification factor. With the latest technology, the first results of skin tightening can be appreciated immediately after the procedure is completed. Continuous improvements to the skin's texture, appearance and face or body contour are appreciated as new collagen grows up to six months later.  Results can last for years depending on your skin condition, natural aging process and appropriate skin care regimes.


Skin - Before Thermage

Skin - After Thermage


How long is the Treatment?

At MDSpa, we start with a complimentary consultation in order to understand your expectations and to provide as much time required to understand the all you need about Thermage™.  The treatment usually lasts 1-2.5 hours depending on the areas being treated.  Many of clients undergo multiple procedures at a time - tightening of the skin on the face, eyelids, tummy, thighs and buttocks - which then will require more time.

What can be expected from Thermage™?

Everyone can expect some collagen tightening.   Generally, some improvement is immediately visable and continues for up to six months with long lasting results. Thermage® tightens and smoothes the skin and provides a gentle non-invasive lift of face and other carefully selected body parts  improving skin appearance and face (body) contour.

How long will the results last?

The effects of ThermageCPT™ continue to improve for up to six months following a single treatment.  Results can last for years depending upon your skin condition and natural aging process.

The ThermageCPT™ procedure can be repeated in few years, and for some areas that may require additional skin tightening, Thermage™ can be repeated in 6 months to even further enhance the appearance. Examples of such areas are lax double chin and jowls.

How long until I return to my normal activities?

There is no special care required after the procedure and most patients return to their regular activities immediately following the procedure.

Who will perform my ThermageCPT™ Treatment?

MDSpa has earned the status of being #1 and #2 in all of Canada for non-surgical Thermage skin tightening. We have performed thousands of these treatments for our clients.The benefit is that your procedure will be done in the Clinic where Thermage™ treatments are regularly performed by our advanced specialists.  Take comfort in knowing our staff is very experienced.


*Clinical study by Hector Leal, M.D.